StacyRippy When I was growing up the cashier for the 10 items or less line actually told you to switch lines if you were over the limit-
anastasiasmith @JVictor I'm about to hit the on switch too! 90 degrees is my limit without ac. Pretty sure my dogs and baby agree.
SoFakingHer Seriously people I am trying to stay out of dms so I don't get limit I don't want to switch accounts

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ME-8108 Adjustable Roller Lever Arm Limit Switch NC-NO CNC Mill Router

by uxcell
(10 customer reviews)
Price: $5.47

  • Product Name : Limit Switch;Model No. : ME-8108;Actuator Action : Momentary;Actuator Type : Rotary Adjustable Lever Arm with Roller
  • Fixing Thread Diameter : ~0.4cm / 0.2";Total Size : ~12.3 x 5 x 2.8cm / 4.8 x 2 x 1.1"(L*W*H);Material : Resin, Plastic & Metal
  • Roller Dimension : ~1.8 x 0.7cm / 0.7 x 0.3"(D*H);Lever Arm Length : ~10cm / 3.9"

5 Pieces Micro Limit Switch Button SPDT Snap Action CNC AC 250V 4A 16A

by Amico
(6 customer reviews)
Price: $4.83

  • Fixing Holes Dia. : 0.3cm/0.1" (Approx)0.35 x 0.3cm/0.13" x 0.12"(L*W);Push Button Size : 0.4 x 0.3cm/0.16" x 0.12"(L*H)
  • Material : Plastic & Metal;Color : Red, Black, Silver Tone
  • Working Voltage & Current : 16A AC 250V, 4A AC 250V;Switch Body Size(Each) : 3 x1.6 x 1cm/1.1" x 0.6" x 0.4" (L*W*H)

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  • Mouser – Wireless limit switch offers greater durability when used in rough ...

    Available now from Mouser, Honeywell's WLS Series wireless limit switch is a heavy duty switch from the Limitless Series product line, offering greater durability when used in rough applications. The Limitless Series combines the best of MICRO SWITCH

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Troubleshooting the limit switch on the 80% AFUE gas furnace

A guide to determining if the limit has failed and if so why. This video is part of the heating and cooling series of training videos made to accompany my we...


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Industrial Motor Control
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Questions & answers

bleuflamenco bleuflamenco says:
What temperature should a limit switch on a 6000W heat strip in a furnace be set to?
It's a 1976 Duotherm electric furnace in a mobile home. The heat strip has a variable limit switch that's set to 155 degrees but since the previous occupant of the place was a complete moron as evidenced by his other work, I don't want to trust...
jusvicious says:
If it's the high limit then it could be set alittle lower to 140. Don't go lower or it might kick off the elements to soon and not allowing you get the enough warm air coming out of the vents....

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p nifty teardown freeside limitswitch freesideatl
This implementation of a two-direction limit switch struck me as interesting. The wiring runs down through the hub of the gear.
Photo by sparr0 on Flickr

first anaheim robotics firstrobotics ahs week5 buildseason aztechs anaheimhighschool anaheimaztechs
Matt determines the best way to install limit switches.
Photo by Angela Leese on Flickr

printrbot printrbotlc lcbaseassembly
The Y limit switch should be facing forward, with the free end of the lever to the left. This image shows the switch before being zip tied down. Or you could do what I eventually did and bolted it down with some...
Photo by cahorton on Flickr

Function of limit switch:
Function of limit switch:
Limit Switch-BL Series - BOHMEN INDUSTRIES, 114B, Marudhar Industrial ...
Limit Switch-BL Series - BOHMEN INDUSTRIES, 114B, Marudhar Industrial ...