Framing and Building a Wall

Watch a non-load bearing wall being constructed. See how to stack the wall studs with floor joists and what a typical door opening should look like.


Plans, specs, building
Plans, specs, building
ISBN 0934041113,9780934041119
416 pages
This book covers the whys and hows of sound construction, with step-by-step instructions showing how to handle the details in all construction.

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I read in a DIY book that a load bearing wall would have a double 2x4 at the top. Would the 1st 2x4 be up in the ceiling (hidden) and the other below the ceiling (visible). I'm tearing out a wall but can't tell if it is a load bearing wall or not. I'm guessing it's not. It is an opening from the living rm to the kitchen. Looks like a previous owner had cut about 4 of the.

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Larry V Larry V says:
How far can you span using a double 2x12 SYP?
We are opening up our room and want to remove a load bearing wall, replacing it with a header. We would like the largest opening possible. If need be we could go with a triple beam. It is a two story home. This beam will be on an exterior wall....
dennis_phillips7 says:
It is according to a few things. One is what kind of sheathing you have on the house. The second is the depth of the house. The next is what part of the country you live in. Different climates...